About Sonmit

Sonmit is a leading technology property, dedicated to helping people from all around the world, making it better – simple as that. Founded in 2017, Sonmit now reach over 12 million unique visitors and draw more than 1 million searches through its extensions every month – each of them adding a value to someone’s cause. The Sonmit community includes more than 2 million friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other social media.

The company hosts major conferences and events, including the Disrupt series and various meet-ups worldwide serving as community platforms for industry conversation and collaboration.

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How does Sonmit works?

We are working with Google, using a search extension to help funding our supported projects.

How can I support you?

Just add the Sonmit extension to your web browser and use your new tab as a search – as you have always done. Every search is helping the projects we support!

What is the scope of Sonmit?

A therapeutic focus in cancer

Who owns the project?

Sonmit is a private company that supports a selection of different projects, mostly in Israel for now and next worldwide. Head of the company is Chen Friedman, CMO of the Golden Curl brand, as well as HerStyler for Europe.

Why is cancer the main focus of the projects Sonmit supports?

8,200,000 People die from Cancer each year, globally and there are 14,100,000 New cases of worldwide cancer, annually. To fight that, 80% of all profits, goes directly into cancer-related projects and initiatives. 

How easy is to use Sonmit

Sonmit solution is very simple. The whole process is non-contact, non-invasive and is completely privacy aware. In order to use it, you have just to use search, as you search in your everyday life. Is the number of searches it takes to take an active part in our efforts. 

How frequent do I need to use the search?

There is no minimum or optimal number of searches per day. The idea of the extension is not to intervene in your everyday life, but to be seemless and to come naturally without you thinking much of it.




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